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  FAQ - Academics

1. What curriculum does the School offer?
GIIS Surat Campus offersthe CBSE programme and also offers the Global Montessori Plus Programme at KG level.

2. What are the age criteria for class KG and Class 1?
For K1: 3+ years as on 31st March of the relevant year.
For K2: 4+ years as on 31st March of the relevant year.
For Class 1 (CBSE) : 5+ years as on 31st Mar of the relevant year..

3. What are the school timings?
For Kindergarten : 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
For Classes 1 and above : 8.30 am to 2.40 pm..

Students are advised to reach the School at least 10 minutes prior to School start.

4. What is the Nine Gems Model?
The Global School Nine Gems model is a proprietary model which is an integrated holistic approach to learning, balancing academics and experience, mental and physical development, fine arts and performing arts, language skills and creativity, personality development, ethics and entrepreneurship. The model facilitates all round development in every GIIS student, helping them reach their full potential while achieving desired academic laurels.

5. Will the School encourage Inter-house and Inter-school competitions?
GIIS has a host of activities as part of the Nine Gems Model, which facilitates holistic development. Inter-house, Inter-school and international level competitions will focus on bringing out the potential of every child.

6. Will the School take students for educational excursions?
Yes. Excursions and educational trips are a part of the active learning process in GIIS campuses. These are organised on a regular basis. Field trips are an integral part of learning at GIIS.

7. What Sports facilities/ Co-Scholastic activities will the School provide?
With a firm focus on holistic education, sports are an integral part of the curriculum at GIIS campuses. GIIS Surat has facilities for Cricket , Swimming , Skating , Basket Ball , Archery, Volley Ball , Chess , badminton etc., amongst others.The also proves Dance, Vocal Music , Art and Craft , and Instrumental Music . All the above activities are compulsory and offered to all.

8. What is MYGIIS?
The School believes that parents should be as much a part of the learning process, as their children;the School's proprietary web-portal :MYGIIS (www.mygiis.org) helps parents stay updated with their child's progress at every step. Parents can interact online with GIIS teachers and administrators on their child's education. Details for accessing the portal will be provided by the School.

9. How often will there be PTMs?
There will be a Parent-Teacher Meeting after each assessment (FA 1, FA 2, SA 1, FA 3, FA 4 & SA 2) term while distributing the achievement reports. However, whenever needed, parents can email the teacher using our intranet - MYGIIS or make an appointment to schedule a meeting with the teacher.

10. Does the School have a child counsellor? Does it cater to children with special needs?
The school does admit children with borderline learning needs and an in-house behavioural counsellor is available for addressing minor learning and behavioural needs.

11. Are there regular workshops and training for teachers at GIIS Surat Campus?
Teacher training is given a high degree of importance at all GIIS campuses and all teachers are provided a high standard of training every year.

12. Will the School celebrate all festivals?
As an International School, GIIS encourages students to understand and appreciate all cultures through regular activities and celebrations. All occasions of celebration are given equal importance without any discrimination.

13. What first aid will you provide in school in case of any casualty?
Upon admission, every parent must submit a duly filled in medical form available with school office. In keeping with international standards, an in-house qualified medical nurse is available throughout the school hours, to attend to all minor injuries and provides first-aid. For major emergencies, the student will be taken to the nearby hospital and parents will be informed simultaneously.

14. Do you provide transport for children?
Yes, the School provides transport through a vendor. The bus charges (depending on the Residence zone) need to be paid in addition to the school fees.

15. Will day boarding facility be provided?
As of now, the School does not provide day boarding facilities.

16. Will meals be provided to children?
The School has a cafeteria, where lunch is served for those who subscribe. The cafeteria provides only veg food. There is no school canteen selling snacks.

17. Is it a bag-less School?
Children need to carry books to the School as per the time table for the day. The School may retain some of the workbooks and notebooks of children, which they can carry home for the weekends or for home-based assignments. Students are provided lockers in their classrooms.

18. Will children be given homework?
Home work is an integral part of the middle and senior school curriculum and serves to reinforce what has been taught in class. However in primary School curriculum, homework will be very minimal and non-stressful.

19. What is the School's policy on transfer between campuses (Inter-GIIS school transfer)?
Transfer between GIIS schools within India and Abroad is smooth and admission is granted on priority basis.

20. Does the School provide any discount for siblings?
A sibling subsidy of 20% on the tuition fee only will be given. No subsidy is given on any other fees. This discount applies only the second/third child of the same family (not relatives).

21. What are the charges for late payment of fees?
A late payment fee will be charged if the School fees are not paid on or before the due date. Surcharges will be applied to all late payments and the school will not entertain any reasons for late payment. The surcharge will be:

  1. Within 15 days past the fees deadline - RM 20.00 PER DAY
  2. More than 15 days past the fees deadline - RM 50.00 PER DAY
    1. In the event of the outstanding fee not being paid within 60 (calendar) days past fee deadline the student will be declared as 'non-valid student' and all services to student/parent will be terminated, in addition to point above.
    2. The School will exercise its discretion in allowing re-continuation of education services to the student in case of 'non-valid student' status. GIIS will treat the student as a fresh admission in case a re-continuation is permitted by the School authorities, and all fees/charges applicable to a fresh student will be imposed.

22. What will be the student-teacher ratio in the class?
The maximum number of students per class for all classes is 36.

23. Does the fee include the cost of uniform and books?
No, the School will supply the school uniform and books at an additional cost.

24. Where is the School located?
Global Indian International School - SURAT
Chalthan, Near Toll Naka, Kadodara - Mumbai NH 8,
Surat, Gujarat, India.
Pincode : 394305.
Office Tel : ( +91) 0261 6444268/69

25. When does the School's academic year start?
The academic year commences in April for CBSE

26. How many terms will the School have?
There are three terms of four months each for fee payment as well as for academic reporting,

27. What is the structure of the CBSE curriculum?
CBSE Curriculum is divided into three phases - PRIMARY (YEAR 1 TO 5) MIDDLE SCHOOL (YEAR 6 TO 8), SECONDARY (YEAR 9 AND 10), SENIOR SECONDARY (YEAR 11 AND 12)


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