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  FAQ - Activities

Q1. Are the ECAs and CCAs during the school hours?
A. Yes within the school timings.

Q2. Can we continue with the same ECA / CCA throughout my child's education at GIIS?
A. For ECA, yes students are allowed to continue. Whereas CCAs are offered with an annual curriculum. It is only a platform where exposure is given to varied activities.

Q3. Will my child be assessed for ECA and CCA? If so how regularly.
A. Yes, we have regular assessment carried out twice a year.

Q4. Are we allowed to make our own choice of ECA / CCA? When is the allocation done?
A. Yes. In March every year, the varied choices will be sent out to parents for your selection of ECA / CCA.

Q5. On what basis is the ECA/CCA allocation done? Do I get an option to choose ECA/CCA, if my child joins midway?
A. For ECAs we encourage to continue with the same ECA, whereas for CCAs we encourage to change the activity every year. All activities are compulsory and provided to all.


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