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  FAQ - Admissions

Q1. In which month does the academic year begin at GIIS?
Academic Year starts from April to March But admissions are open throughout the year.

Q2. What are the minimum age criteria for admission into Standard 1?
A. On the first day of the academic year, your child should have completed five (5) years for admission into Standard 1.

Q3. What are the minimum age criteria for admission into Kindergarten?
Minimum age for admitting a child in Nursery is 2.5 years complete. So when a child completes the 2.5 years age during anytime of the year, he/she can start attending the Nursery classes. Minimum age is 3 years complete for Kindergarten 1, and 4 years complete for Kindergarten 2, on the first day of academic years.

Q4. Is there any admission test or what are the admission criteria?
Admissions are granted on 2 key factors collectively, one is compliance to the minimum age criteria and second, the child MUST pass the admission aptitude test for the desired class. .

Q5. Can my child seek admission during middle of the academic session?

Q6. If I am relocating from one country to another, which class would my child be admitted at GIIS?
If your child comes from any other international school mid-session, generally the child continues in the same standard or grade in which he/she was studying at the other international school. If your child has completed a particular standard/grade at the international school, then the child would join in the next grade.

Q7. If I am relocating within India, which class would my child be admitted to?
In India, admissions sought during the middle of academic session are granted to the same standard in which the child was studying in the previous school.

Q8. When my child is relocating to your CBSE school, would there be any difficulties he/she may face due to change in school?
Your child would be able to smoothly integrate at GIIS and will be at home within the first week of his/her start at GIIS. Curriculum wise and textbook wise, since all GIIS schools are synchronized with other schools, there will be minimal inconvenience to your child.

Q 9. When I relocate to other city/countries, does GIIS guarantee my child admission?
If your child moves from one GIIS school to another GIIS school, your child would be guaranteed admission.

Q10. What are the school term periods and when are the school holidays?
There are three terms in a year and school holidays are worked on the basis of each countries national holidays and school breaks. To view a specific school’s term periods and holidays, please visit “The School-> Term & Holidays” on the GIIS school website.

Q11. Do GIIS schools provide school bus transport for students?
Yes, GIIS schools do provide school bus transport services either directly or through the appointed bus transport services.

Q12. Does GIIS have school uniform and can I purchase the school uniforms from the school?
. Yes

Q13. Where can I purchase the school books from?
GIIS schools have a book shop in the school premises, from where you can purchase the text books, as well as note books.

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